Discover Saint-Barthélemy and its magnificences in both quiet and welcoming frame.

Saint-Barthélémy is a French island of the Antilles and the overseas community. It is also called St. Barths (or St. Barts by anglophones). Its inhabitants call themselves St-Barth.

Saint-Barthélemy se situe à 230 km au nord-ouest de la Guadeloupe et à 25 km au sud-est de Saint-Martin.

Saint-Barthélemy is located 230 km northwest of Guadeloupe and 25 km South-East of Saint-Martin.

  • by boat: departure of Marigot (St.Martin). Travel time: 1 h 15.
  • by boat: departure of Oyster Pond (Saint-Martin). Travel time: 40 min
  • by helicopter: Grand Case Airport (Saint-Martin). Travel time: 40 min. More info

To reach St. Barthelemy, the Passport is required

The island is known to be frequented by millionaires and billionaires docking with their luxury yachts. High-place of the international jet set, there are businessmen, personalities of the cinema and television as well as families of wealthy heirs.

The island offers a majority of villas with infinity pool and sometimes a tennis court.

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The french is the official language. English is also very widespread, tourism being one of the economic determinants of the island.

How to move in Saint-Barthélemy

The rental car or scooter is essential to move to St Barth. The roads are 40 kilometres between narrow, steep and winding roads. The various points of interest are located throughout the island.

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Whether on the water, through its 14 beaches beautiful, covered with white sand, on land or in the air, many activities and privileged moments await you including :

Saint-Barthélemy is a well-known island for its high quality services. The customized services offered make all its charm. To satisfy you during your stay on the island, do not hesitate to contact us for any request or for an activity that interests you and which would not be listed by Enjoy Sxm.

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Historical monuments

Saint-Barth has seven registered monuments, six are located in Gustavia, and one in Lorient :

  • The Swedish battery of the Gustav III Fort ;
  • The Swedish steeple of Gustavia which houses a bell cast in 1799 in Stockholm ;
  • The Catholic Church of Gustavia ;
  • The Dinzey’s House, known as the Brigantine ;
  • The Governors of Gustavia’s Home, (former City of Gustavia Hall) ;
  • The former rectory of the Catholic Church from Gustavia;
  • The Lorient Church.

Other monuments and points of interest

In Gustavia

  • The lighthouse
  • Wall House (Museum - Library)
  • The Karl Fort
  • The Administration Office District (former Swedish prison)
  • The « Pe’tit Collectionneur » Museum
  • The Anchor

The Public District

  • The Swedish cemetery

The Corossol Neighborhood

  • The International Shell Museum (Inter - Oceans Museum) lists over 9,000 specimens from around the world

The « Col de la Tourmente » Neighborhood

  • The statue "Savaku", which represents an arawak Indian in Saint-Jean, dominating the airfield.

Through its activities and sites to visit, you will discover Saint-Barthélemy and its magnificences. You will spend a dream holiday on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and choose between moments of relaxation within your villa with a massage, discovering the island by renting a yacht or eating wonderful dishes in one of the many restaurants on the island...