Premium Services

The premium services offered by Enjoy Sxm have been selected according to the following criterias :
The quality of the product, a personalized service and the possibility to create your own packages.
Villas rental

A stay in a sumptuous villa in St. Martin or St. Barth is the dream ?
Feel free to ask us for a custom quote. You will get the best price thanks to Enjoy Sxm.

Enjoy a wide choice of villas carefully selected by Enjoy Sxm.
Our catalogue presenting the range of our products is available on request.

In Saint-Barth...

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Private Chef

Enjoy a refined menu with dishes prepared in your kitchen to your liking by a Private Chef, and served at your own table. Our diversified menus are offering many types of cuisine (from 1 to 2 meals a week).
The Chef Service delivery will meet your expectations through its offer and with a cooking with full of flavour (from 3 meals per week).

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Private massage

Our therapists and masseurs will come to your place of residence for you to enjoy a moment of relaxation.
Multiple choices of massages are available.

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Private coaching

Our private coaches will come to your place of residence to offer you a personalized program to get in shape, to keep your training or perform stretching sessions.
Our coaches are all graduates of State.

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On your own or with your friends or family, travel in a Limousine, where you want it on the island. Go to the restaurant, the casino or any other destination, the driver follows your instructions. You will be given a VIP welcome.
Thanks to Enjoy Sxm, you will get the complimentary Champagne !

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Fly over St. Martin and its surrounding islands in a helicopter and enjoy landscapes and beautiful views.
Thanks to Enjoy Sxm, enjoy free drinks (water, soft drinks, juice).
For any requests for transfers to other islands (Anguilla, Saint-Barthélemy, etc.), please contact us in order to get the best rate.

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Luxury vehicle

Discover St. Martin aboard your own luxury vehicle.
Several choices of vehicles await you.

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Private yacht

Go to the destination of your choice on your Yacht.
Our wide selection of monohulls and catamarans will allow you to discover St-Martin and the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. With or without Skipper.
Enjoy a wide range of private yachts, carefully selected by Enjoy Sxm.
Our catalogue presenting the range of monohulls and catamarans is available on request.

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